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Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
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Service desk at Rec Complex.Undergraduate and graduate students pay campus privilege fees with their tuition. This allows use of Recreational Services facilities at no additional charge by presenting their valid Wildcat ID card each time admitted. All other members must be K-State affiliated and under our pricing structure.

For more detailed information concerning eligibility, see our eligibility information.

To purchase a membership, bring proper identification to the Recreational Services office. The office is located in the entrance lobby of the Recreation Complex. 

See membership purchase information

Membership can be purchased by the day, month, or up to a year. A daily use pass is good for the day of purchase and is described in further detail below. 

Alumni association members are reminded that membership cannot be purchased beyond the expiration date shown on their alumni association card.

Payment of membership fees can be made by cash, personal check, or MasterCard/VISA/ Discover.

payroll deduction plan is available to benefit-eligible faculty/staff. Please call the administrative office at the Rec Complex for details at 785-532-6980.

Prices are not subject to any adjustment due to any type of facility closings.

No refund or time extension will be given when you do not use facilities.

Entry policies

K-State student

All K-State students are issued a Wildcat ID upon admission. It is required to be carried at all times while on campus. This card is for the holder’s personal use only. All student members must have their Wildcat ID to enter Rec Services facilities. Due to safety and security issues, we will not make exceptions to this policy.

Key tag members

If you do not have your membership key tag, a "no key tag, no entry" policy will be enforced. Due to security issues, we will not make exceptions to this policy. When an expired key tag is presented, one free admittance to the facility will be allowed; however, you must relinquish your key tag to the building staff to be allowed entrance to the facility. Arrangements will be made to have your key tag picked up in the office or the service area after a renewal occurs. 

K-State Wildcat ID cards and membership key tags are not transferable.

They are for the exclusive use of the identified member and will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the rightful owner. Confiscated cards are subject to payment of a misuse fee before they can be returned to the card holder. K-State ID card holders must use a valid Wildcat ID card. All other cards will be confiscated. For other questions regarding Wildcat ID card policy, please contact the K-State ID Center at 785-532-6399 or by email at wildcatcard@ksu.edu.

Daily use pass

Faculty, staff, and alumni association members may purchase a daily use pass at guest fee prices by presenting either their faculty/staff ID or their current alumni association card plus photo ID at the Recreation Complex or pools.

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Daily pass users can host up to two guests at the daily guest fee rate.

Those individuals and conference participants who possess a housing guest access card issued by Housing & Dining Services may gain admittance to either the Recreation Complex or the pools by showing that card and paying the daily guest fee as described above.

Note: Towels and equipment are available at the equipment desk only to patrons with a K-State student ID or facility key tag. Towels and equipment are considered perks of membership. The guest pass fee will not be credited toward membership purchase/renewal and will not be refunded.

Guest passes

A student or facility member must be "host" to the guest. Members may host up to three (3) guests. All guests are required to sign in and remain in the company of their host while using the facility. Adult members are allowed up to three guests per day.

Guest passes can be purchased at the service area of the Recreation Complex for $5 per/person/day or at the pools during Recreational Services swim time for $3/person/day. Guest pass fees include sales tax.

Guest passes for non-dependent children

Guests under the age of five years will be allowed to enter free of charge. Guests aged five through 13 years will be charged a guest fee of $3 at the Rec Complex or $1.50 at the pools. Guests 14 years or older will be charged the regular guest fee of $5 at the Recreation Complex or $3 at the pools.

Guest passes for groups

To aid groups in recruitment of prospective students on campus, a group may apply for reduced guest passes at 50 percent off regular price. Apply on official letterhead listing persons, their classification, and reason at least two weeks in advance of date on campus. Guests must follow normal guest rules including being accompanied by host. A minimum of five guests in group is required to qualify.


Spectators will be admitted "at no charge" during intramural team sport seasons only. At any other time, spectators will be charged the guest fee rate. All spectators will be accompanied by the eligible host. All spectators must present a photo ID for admittance.

Membership purchase for spouse and dependents

Membership can be sold to the spouse even if the ID holder does not wish to purchase a membership. Spouses must present the ID holder’s ID card if making the purchase themselves. This membership would be sold at the primary rate. When adding spouse and dependent children ages 14-22 to a membership, family members will receive a 25 percent discount as the second or more users. One parent must be included in the plan before dependent children will be added. This means either the ID holder or spouse must purchase a membership for a given facility (i.e., pool, rec, or combo) before a dependent membership can be sold for that facility.


Recreation Complex membership

A Recreation Complex membership entitles member to use of the Recreation Complex and all fitness programs held in this facility.

Pool membership

A pool membership entitles member to use of the Natatorium and Recreational Services-sponsored fitness programs in the pools, as well as pool equipment checkout.

Combo membership

A combo membership entitles member to use of the Recreation Complex, as well as the Natatorium and all Recreational Services-sponsored fitness programs offered in both facilities.

What is included with membership

Purchase of a membership entitles use of that facility's Recreational Services-sponsored fitness programs, as well as equipment checkout. The purchase of any facility membership entitles user to equipment checkout/rental and outdoor equipment rental at the Outdoor Rental Center.


Membership renewals can be made by phone by providing a debit or credit card number and expiration date if your picture is on file and a new key tag is not needed. With parental consent, dependents can renew family memberships; however, the initial transaction must be completed by a parent.


Full refund will be granted if made within five business days of purchase. Partial months will not be refunded. No refund will be made for any amount under $25. Discounts based on multiple month purchase will be void if early cancellation of membership occurs, and refund will be based on the monthly membership rate. Prices are not subject to any adjustment due to any type of facility closings. No refund or time extension will be given when you do not use facilities. All refund requests must be made in the administrative office during business hours.


Key tags

Membership key tags are permanent. Users are reminded to retain their key tags even if membership expires to avoid paying a $5 key tag replacement fee at time of renewal. Lost or stolen membership key tags will require paying a $5 replacement fee. If your key tag is missing, check with Recreational Services to see if it has been turned in.

Note: Membership privileges will be suspended in the event of misrepresentation.