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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
1831 Olympic Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506


Court Use and Reservations

Racquetball court reservation policy
Racquetball courts must be made at a minimum of one hour before desired time. Reservations can be made in 1/2 hour time slots by calling the north service desk at 785-532-6950. By taking a reservation, Rec Services does not reserve a particular court. We simply guarantee that a court will be reserved for the patron.

  • Courts 1 and 2 are wallyball courts.
  • Courts 15 and 16 are squash courts.

Priority use schedule for multipurpose courts
Basketball, badminton, volleyball and tennis courts are set up and have priority use during "priority use times" as listed below. During priority use times, courts cannot be monopolized by a single group. They are shared space and time. Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. When full-court (pick-up) games are in progress, "next-on" procedures are in effect. Winners will stay on, next five players challenge the winners.

  • Big Gym: Basketball - always priority
  • Court 2: Basketball - always priority
  • Court 3: Basketball or volleyball - first come, first serve
  • Court 4: Basketball or volleyball - first come, first serve
  • Court 5: Volleyball - always priority
  • Court 6: Volleyball - always priority
  • Court 7: Basketball - always priority
  • Court 8: Basketball - always priority


Small Gym

  • Court 9: Badminton - always priority
  • Court 10: Badminton/Table Tennis - always priority


Open-Noon - Tennis always priority 
Please call in advance to have the nets set up, 532-6980.

All other times, the MAC Gym will be reserved for indoor soccer, club sports practices, or overflow basketball or volleyball. Please to check with the North Service area for availability.