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Intramural Chairs

Intramural managers represent and assist organizations or living groups with their participation in intramural programs. Fraternities, sororities, residence hall floors, and independent groups will select a manager or Intramural chair. The manager is responsible for linking the intramural program and the group they represent. All duties, responsibilities, and supplemental information needed by intramural managers are outlined in this section.

Information regarding activities, intramural entry, team point updates, and other information is available on the Intramural Schedule page.

Intramural Managers are responsible for the eligibility and sportsmanship of their players. It is vital that managers understand these rules and explain them to their teammates.

Duties and responsibilities
The success of the intramural program depends largely on the leadership qualities and guidance of the intramural managers. Your complete attention to detail and organization is required. Our experience indicates the groups which are in contention for top honors and have high participation percentages are the ones with the most alert and efficient intramural managers.

General responsibilities
Become familiar with Recreational Services’ program offerings. This means not only the intramural activities, but also free time recreation opportunities, exercise sessions, and equipment availability. Please come to your Recreation Complex and see what we offer!

Information concerning deadline dates, activities, is available on our website or on IMLeagues. Please check regularly for further information of benefit to your group.

Each intramural manager is responsible for providing the link between the intramural program and the students they represent. Please set up an information board at your living group and post information concerning meetings, deadlines, activities, schedules, etc. Communicate with your participants and make the program visible.

Specific responsibilities 

  • Enter teams and individuals you represent prior to the deadline. For the larger living groups (fraternities, sororities, residence hall floors, etc.) it is best for one person to be in charge of entry. This person is the intramural manager. The manager will then create a team in IMLeagues and will manage the team by adding members to the team roster. 
  • Communication with your team members regarding schedule can be done through IMLeagues. Make sure team participants are aware of their responsibilities. Make sure that your team and individuals arrive at the activity playing site and check in with the intramural personnel a minimum of 15 minutes before the contest begins. 
  • Never lose a game by forfeit!
  • Familiarize yourself with rules governing play, as well as the policies and procedures of the intramural program. You will be the first person the Recreational Services department contacts if there is a problem with your team or a member's conduct.
  • Please read and inform your participants of the eligibility rules. Teams can be eliminated from the schedule for playing ineligible participants.
  • Make sure your participants are informed of the philosophy of team sports play. Unsportsmanlike conduct by individuals or teams is dealt with harshly and may affect your group's eligibility to continue participation. 
  • Make sure those persons participating in individual sports competition play their matches and report the results prior to the scheduled deadline dates. Make it their responsibility to contact their opponents and schedule the matches. Failure to contact an opponent may result in forfeiture from the tournament.
  • Make sure all team rosters are current and correct. This is very important! Keeping your rosters current and correct aids in verification of the eligibility of all players.
  • Notify the Recreational Services Office (785-532-6980) when your team or individuals intend to forfeit or default a contest.
  • Keep in close contact with the Recreational Services office and staff for pertinent intramural information.
  • Managers are responsible for looking at the playoff brackets and informing their team of their play times.
  • Be informed so you may inform. You are the key to the strength, organization, and resulting good time your participants have in intramural activities!