WellCAT Ambassadors

WellCAT Ambassadors is a departmental student organization under the leadership of Recreational Services. The purpose of the WellCAT Ambassadors is to advocate for the overall physical health and well-being of K-State students and to promote the mission of Rec Services. The mission of Rec Services is to develop, promote, and manage the administration of recreational and fitness facilities, services, and programs for the campus community at Kansas State University. Active and healthy lifestyles enhance opportunities for the continuance of personal and professional maintenance and growth. These lifestyles are positively affected by the quality and quantity of the services, programs, and facilities we provide. Recreational Services promotes student development and provides leadership opportunities in a diverse setting for its participants and employees.

As well-being leaders on campus, the WellCAT Ambassadors support this mission by providing evidence-based education, hosting events, collaborating with other campus and community partners, and serving as role models to encourage fellow K-State students to make well-informed decisions regarding their physical health and well-being.


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