About us

Recreational Services' mission is to develop, promote, and manage the administration of recreational and fitness facilities, services, and programs for the campus community at Kansas State University. Active and healthy lifestyles enhance opportunities for the continuance of personal and professional maintenance and growth. These lifestyles are positively affected by the quality and quantity of the services, programs, and facilities we provide. Recreational Services promotes student development and provides leadership opportunities in a diverse setting for its participants and employees.

 Rec complex

Recreational Services administers intramural/recreational sports and fitness and wellness programs for the campus.

Participation numbers include 88 percent of the student enrollment and more than one-third of the faculty/staff. K-State alums and retired faculty/staff also participate.

Rec Services is rated "number one" by students, both as an auxiliary department after academic programs and in retention of students.

Students are the primary source of revenue for the department, paying $85 per semester which provides $48 toward retirement of bonds on the Rec Complex and facilities, $37 for the operational budget.

Recreational Services' programs are housed in the Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex.

Dr. Peters will be remembered for being student-centered, compassionate, moral, and highly respected.
History of Recreational Services from the start in 1920 to today.

Recreational Services Past Leaders

Directors Intramural Directors Women's Intramural Directors
1973-2007: Raydon Robel 1921-1925: E.A. Knoth 1924-1928: Geneva Watson
2007-2021: Steve Martini 1925-1950: Louis P. Washburn 1928-1947: Katherine Geyer
Present: Clint Hafliger 1950-1963: Frank L. Myers 1947-1963: Katheryn McKinney
1965-1968: Elton E. Green 1963-1968: Willa Mason
1968-1972: Don Rose 1968-1969: Sandra Hick
1973: Lynn Engle &
Greg Mathena
1969-1973: Barbara Hintz
1974-1980: Bill Harms 1973: Jane Schroeder
1980-2001: Steve Martini 1974: Combined with men's program
2001-2008: John Wondra
2008-Present: Armando Espinoza