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Recreational Services
Kansas State University
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  • Women in Economics take on the K-State Challenge Course and write about their experience! Read all about it! (PDF)
  • The KSU Challenge experience exceeded our expectations. It was a fun-filled highly challenging day. Each of us was pushed in some way according to our fears and was encouraged to work through it as individuals and as a team. We came away a much closer group of people. - Meadowlark Hills Leadership Staff
  • The only way to get through life's many challenges is through team work and mutual support. Our group of spouses of deployed Soldiers learned to rely on each other, communicate encouragement, and accomplish new and great things—TOGETHER. The Yellow Ribbon group ROCKED the Challenge Course and loved our experience and facilitators. We'll definitely be back! - Manhattan Area Chamber of CommerceChallenge Course hand clap
  • We would absolutely recommend the KSU Challenge Course to any student or professional group wishing to develop a sense of team. It was a unique way to get to know our fellow co-workers while having a relaxing day outside. The staff was great and we definitely hope to return next year! - KSU Admissions
  • The Challenge Course helped my staff grow in their team work skills while also challenging them to think about how the challenges relate to jobs as editors for the Kansas State Collegian. - Kansas State Collegian
  • The Little Apple Day Camp staff uses the low ropes course as a way to get to know each other at the beginning of the season. We have a great time and the facilitators are great!!!! - Manhattan Parks and Recreation
  • We had great team-bonding & improved our communication skills that will greatly benefit our student organization. Our group members, especially our new ones, left the course feeling more connected and confident. The facilitators were fun and helpful the whole day! - Students for Environmental Action
  • Even though the rain kept our group indoors, the team building and learning that took place was highly beneficial to our group! The facilitator worked to make sure that our needs were met and was intentional about selecting activities that would bring the group together and help us learn about one another. The activities challenged us as a group and as individuals, and this experience has certainly made a positive impact on our ability to work effectively with each other! - Housing and Dining
  • This was a great start and a great addition to our math undergraduate research experience. It helped blend people with very different backgrounds and experiences together smoothly, which we needed as they would carry out research in teams and that needs to be as free of interpersonal snags as possible. I guess the blending together smoothly resulted as a consequence of the students learning to know and respect each other in spite of their very different ways and backgrounds. It was very interesting for me to watch them work, they took on a whole new dimension as people in my eyes. - Math Department
  • The new member pledge class of Delta Delta Delta really enjoyed the Challenge Course and the outgoing staff made them feel very comfortable. It wasn't just a challenge for the individuals, it forced the girls to communicate in a positive setting, and show each other what teamwork really consists of! I would recommend it to a group of new students to K-State, or to any organization needed to gain communication skills, and team building! - K-State Delta Delta Delta