Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up

Q: How do I sign up for personal training?
A: Stop by the administrative office during our hours of operation to fill out our personal training client forms, choose a personal training package option that best suits your needs/goals, and purchase your sessions. The personal training client forms are also available to download here.

Q: What are your office hours?
A: During the school year, our administrative office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. We are closed on the weekends.

Q: What are your personal training package options?
A: Check here for a list of personal training options. A personal training application listing these options is also available in the administrative office.


Initial contact

Q: Once I have purchased my sessions, how long will it take before I hear from my trainer?
A: The waiting period currently is dues to an extensive waiting list. Once a trainer becomes available, please allow up to 7 business days for assignment of trainer to client.

Q: Why do I have to wait for 7 business days to hear from my trainer?
A: A maximum waiting period of 7 days is necessary for two reasons. First, a review of your medical and exercise histories will be conducted to ensure no risk factors to exercise are present. A physician's clearance may be warranted for those individuals who present high-risk factors. Second, the process of assigning a trainer to you must take place. This process can take some time because not only does your availability schedule need to be matched with a trainer's, but your goals/needs must be matched with a trainer's experience.

Q: What risk factors would require me to obtain a physician's clearance prior to participating in personal training?
A: Individuals will most likely be asked to obtain permission to exercise from a doctor for the following reasons:

  • high blood pressure

  • on medication

  • surgery within the last 6 months

  • pregnancy

  • diabetes

  • joint/muscle issues

  • males age 45+ and females age 55+

Trainer assignment

Q: Can I request to work with a specific trainer?
A: Yes, you can indicate the name of a specific trainer that you wish to work with on your personal training client forms. You may also indicate whether you'd like to work with a male or female trainer. Please note that trainer photo's and biographies are posted on the bulletin board just outside the training suite and on our website.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the trainer that was assigned to me? Can I request a new one?
A: Yes, if you are not happy with your trainer after having completed a session(s), you may request a new one by contacting our Assistant Director-Fitness and Wellness.


Expiration/refund/transfer policies

Q: Will my sessions expire?
A: Yes, your sessions will expire 90 days from the date of purchase.

Q: If my sessions expire and I haven't used them all, will I get a refund for the unused ones?
A: No, our services are non-refundable.

Q: If I no longer have access to the Rec and haven't used all my sessions, will I get a refund for the unused ones?
A: No, our services are non-refundable.

Q: Will I be able to get a refund if I'm not happy with my sessions?
A: No, our services are non-refundable.

Q: If I no longer have access to the Rec and haven't used all my sessions, can I give the unused ones to someone else?
A: No, our services are not transferable.


Initial session

Q: What does the first session consist of?
A: The first session of all personal training packages consists of a fitness assessment and consultation with your trainer. The standard assessment will include measurement of resting heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance of the upper body and abdominals, and flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings. In some instances, it may not be necessary for a client to complete all assessments listed above; other assessments may be used based on needs/goals of the client. Choice of assessments is at client and trainer discretion.

Q: Why does my first session have to be a fitness assessment?
A: The purpose of a fitness assessment is to establish your baseline fitness level in the areas of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Establishing your baseline fitness levels is of utmost importance for your trainer. They will use this information to tailor an exercise program to meet your individual needs, as well as to track your progress. You will also want to know how you're improving.

Q: What should I do to prepare for the fitness assessment?
A: To ensure that the results of your fitness assessment are the most accurate, you should do the following:

  • Stay well hydrated through the 24 hours preceding your assessment.

  • Sleep for 6-8 hours the night before your assessment.

  • Refrain from doing any vigorous exercise the day of the assessment, especially beforehand.

  • Avoid caffeine and tobacco products prior to your assessment.

  • Keep consumption of food and drink (with the exception of water) to a minimum in the 3-hour period before the assessment.

Q: What should I wear to my first session?
A: Come to the first session dressed to work out. The fitness assessments may cause you to break a sweat. You should feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Make sure to wear tennis shoes.

Cancellation policy/late arrival

Q: What if I need to cancel my training session?
A: If you need to cancel a scheduled session with your trainer, please contact them ASAP to reschedule. If you do not give your trainer 24-hours advance notice, they have the right to deduct that session from your total session package.

Q: What should I do if I'm going to be late for my personal training session?
A: If you are going to be late to meet your trainer, please call them directly. If you don't have your trainer's number, please call the service desk at 785-532-6950. The service desk staff will be able to give your message to your trainer.

Questions? Comments? Email Assistant Director of Fitness at .