• "Every summer for the past 10 years, our MAPS Summer Bridge Program utilizes the KSU Challenge Course as a way to break the ice and begin the process of working together as a team. Our students love the various challenges and activities that are offered and the student staff members are always encouraging and supportive. If you are looking for a fun and stimulating way to bring your group together, I recommend the Challenge Course. You will not be disappointed!" - Brandon Clark, Program Coordinator, MAPS Summer Bridge Program
  • "September 2016, perfect weather for team building. The Challenge course staff welcomed our Pre-PT CAT community group and facilitated the learning values of communications, teamwork, and leadership/followership. It was exactly what the students needed to get a head start on becoming familiar with each other's strengths to dive into closer friendships with each other. Thanks, KSU Challenge Course!" - Olivia Pierce, RLA, Pre-PT CAT Community
  • "At first our group was scared and thought that we could not go through any of the challenges. We thought that we were going to be made fun of if we did not go through the entire course. However, the facilitators made it very comfortable, fun, and easier. This course even brought out the best in everyone in our group. All the members were very supporting and motivating; no one was left behind or frowned upon if they couldn't finish the course. If you are looking for a way to improve teamwork amongst members of your organization or to have fun, then the Challenge Course is definitely an exciting and excellent activity you and your group can do. I highly recommend participating in this course! You will not regret it!" - Vietnamese Student Association
  • "The K-State Challenge Course exceeded our group's expectations. it was engaging, challenging and strengthened us as a community. The fun, nature-centered activities on the low ropes course created an environment where we working on communicating, collaborating, and laughing alongside each other. The challenge course facilitators were fabulous and committed to creating a team building experience. We left the course feeling more confident and connected with one another. I loved this experience and would highly recommend it to others!" - Mary Kate, Ichthus Ministries
  • "My Spanish 2 & 3 students participate in low and high elements on our second yearly field trip to campus. I was extremely pleased with how the afternoon went - time well spent. I was impressed even before we came because of the comprehensive communication I had with Travis Redeker to ensure we had the best experience possible. The staff worked diligently to not only meet the needs of my students but also support my goals as a teacher. We used both Spanish and English to navigate various elements and were also able to request certain elements that were relevant to our group. Our facilitators were approachable, flexible, reliable, communicative, and great leaders. They had obviously looked up a little Spanish beforehand to help facilitate our day as much as possible. I would absolutely recommend the K-State Challenge Course to any group or organization interested in group dynamics, teamwork, character building, and communication skills." - Megan, Flint Hills Christian School