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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
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Intramural Registration



Recreational Services uses a web-based intramural management solution, IMLeagues. This allows for online registration and management of individual and team sports. 

Online registration is required for all intramural sports. (Not including Faculty/Staff Golf)

All participants are required to utilize their IMLeagues account.

How to register:

  • CLICK HERE to login with your K-State eID and password
    • Your details except for Gender, Status and Birth Date will transfer to IMLeagues
Registration Step-by-Step
  • After you have completed the form, click "Complete"
    Step 1
  • You will now be prompted to set up a password. Do NOT use your K-State eID password.
    Step 2
  • Your IMLeagues account is now set up.
    Step 3
  • Select Create or Join a Team
  • Open registration for upcoming intramural sports are displayed near the bottom of the page
    Step 4
  • In this example scenario, we will select Innertube Water Polo
  • The available divisions will be displayed 
    Steo 5
  • Select the division you would like to play in
  • Select Register / Signup
    Step 6
  • You can now create your team
    Step 7
  • Team Captain's: Payment must be received before your team will be allowed to select a league. 
    Payment can be made online, by calling 532-6980, or in the Rec Services office. 
    Step 8
  • Once payment is made you will need to move your team from the waitlist into a league. 
  • Team Captain's: Select "Click Here" to view open spots to move the team off of the waitlist
  • Move your team to your desired open division 
  • You will receive this notification if your move was successful


  • You're in! 

Team Captains: Invite Players 


Team invite

  • Select "Invite Players"
  • Enter their @K-State.edu email NOT @KSU.edu
    Invite 2
*You must use your @k-state.edu email address when logging into the app. You will use the password you set up when registering for IMLeagues, not your K-State eID password.