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Recreational Services

Summer 2021 Activities and Events

Intramurals are open to K-State students, faculty and staff.  

Students who were enrolled in spring classes do not have to be enrolled in summer courses to participate. 

 Sport Divisions Entry DateStart Date
3 vs. 3 BasketballM-WJune 21-July 2July 7
  doubles & singles
CR-M-WJune 21-July 2July 7
Doubles VolleyballCR-M-WJune 21-July 2July 7
   doubles & singles
CR-M-WJune 21-July 2July 7
Table Tennis
   doubles & singles
M-W-CRJune 21-July 2July 7

Dates and activities are subject to change. 

 Division abbreviations are as follows:

  • M = Men
  • W = Women
  • CR = Co-Rec
  • OPEN = all participants are combined in one division

*No intramural team points for this activity.



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