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Recreational Services

Spring 2021 Activities and Events

Intramurals are open to K-State students, faculty and staff. 

 Sport Divisions Entry DateStart Date
3-wall Handball singlesM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
3-wall Handball doublesM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
3-wall Racquetball singlesM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
3-wall Racquetball doublesM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
1-on-1 BasketballM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
Around the WorldM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
Doubles SAND VolleyballM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
HORSE ShootoutM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
Madden 21M-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
Tennis singlesM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
Tennis doublesM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
4-on-4 Flag FootballM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
SoccerM-WMarch 14-April 1April 5
SoftballM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
UltimateM-W-CRMarch 14-April 1April 5
Disc GolfM-W-CRMarch 14-April 8April 11
Home Run DerbyM-W-CRMarch 14-April 13April 15
Tailgate GamesM-W-CRMarch 14-April 15April 17
Miniature GolfM-W-CRMarch 14-April 15April 18
Free Throw ContestM-W-CRMarch 14-April 19April 20
Punt, Pass, KickM-W-CRMarch 14-April 22April 24
Foot GolfM-W-CRMarch 14-April 22April 25
3-Point ShootoutM-W-CRMarch 14-April 26April 27
40-yd DashM-WMarch 14-April 28April 29
Rock, Paper, ScissorsM-WMarch 14-April 30May 4

Dates and activities are subject to change. 

 Division abbreviations are as follows:

  • M = Men
  • W = Women
  • CR = Co-Rec
  • OPEN = all participants are combined in one division

*No intramural team points for this activity.



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Bubble Basketball

Recreational Services, in conjunction with Lafene Health Center, is starting a “Basketball Bubble” for K-State students.  

Entries will be submitted through IM Leagues and 5 teams will be randomly chosen for each play date. Play will be Tuesday and Thursday nights starting Thursday, March 11 and will continue until Thursday, March 25. We will announce the teams selected to play on Tuesday in a Facebook “Live” event on Friday afternoon. Teams playing on Thursday night will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon. 

The format requires asymptomatic testing of all players and staff through Lafene Student Health Center prior to the event.