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Recreational Services
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Intramural Officials

The intramural official plays a critical role in activity or game supervision and administration. An official is under fire and "on the line" when he or she puts on the whistle and official shirt. It takes a special person to accept this role and to go the extra steps to assure a quality-officiated contest for the participants.

Sports officials are employed in the following competitive intramural team sports: flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, wrestling, and inner tube water polo. Experience is preferred, but not necessary. Those interested need to have a knowledge of the rules and procedures of the activity they wish to officiate. Clinics are provided to educate and review the rules, mechanics, and techniques necessary to officiate each activity. Conflict management skills, confidence, and quick decision-making skills are desirable qualities. Positions will be filled by those attending all training clinics. Dates and times of clinics are posted here.

Officials are paid a beginning wage of $8.25 per hour.