Rec Parking

Parking is available adjacent to entrances to the Rec Complex on both the north and south sides.

North Parking Lot

Parking at Rec Complex

Parking permits are required Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m in the north parking lot (parking lots C1, C2 and C3).

Permits are available for purchase at K-State Parking Services, located on the ground level in the parking garage at the K-State Student Union.

Metered parking is also available.

Parking Services manages parking on campus, including regulations and enforcement. For more information about parking or to report problems with a meter, contact Parking Services at 785-532-7275.

South Student Only Parking Lot

The parking lot to the south of the Rec Complex (parking lot C6) is free 2.5-hour per day parking for students assessed the Student Services Fee. The parking lot is accessed by swiping their

South parking lot

K-State Student ID. Students must also exit the lot by swiping the same ID used to enter the lot. Violations of the 2.5-hour per day parking rule will result in a $10 charge assessed to the student’s KSIS account.

Signage regarding the 2.5-hour per day policy is located prominently at each entrance.

Physically disabled accessible spaces are available in the south parking lot for students. Vehicles parked in physically disabled accessible spaces must display a medical permit.

All other campus parking policies remain in effect.


South Lot Game Day Parking

The parking lot to the south of the Rec Complex is used on Kansas State football game days. The parking lot can only be accessed to those who have a 2023 South Lot Football Parking Permit hanging on their rearview mirror. This pass must be visible to the parking lot staff.

Season parking passes for the 2023 football season are now sold out. Please check back here for future information regarding the 2024 football season.

If purchasing your parking pass prior to the season starting parking passes will be mailed to the address given at time of purchase. If purchasing after the season beings you must come to the Recreational Services' front office to pick up pass with valid photo ID.


An appeals form must be submitted online by the fourteenth (14th) day after the violation occurs. The South Lot Appeals Board (SLAB) may uphold or dismiss the violation. Paid tickets may not be appealed. Appeals made after fourteen days (14) from the date of the violation will not be accepted.

All decision of the SLAB are final.

All penalties must be paid within fourteen (14) days following the decisions of the SLAB.