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Recreational Services

Climbing Wall Policies

  • Climbing wallEvery person entering the climbing area must check in with current ID card at the check-in desk and must have completed and signed the waiver.  Youth age 17 & under must have parent/guardian consent and be in compliance with facility guest policies.
  • Climbers must pass a Belay Skills Check or attend and pass an Orientation & Belay Certification class before being allowed to belay at the wall. Wall staff can belay for patrons who have not completed a class when the wall is not too busy. 
  • Belay certifications must be renewed one year from the original certification.
  • Climbers must be at least 16 years of age and be certified to belay in order to be allowed to belay. Dependent members age 14-15 may climb during any open hours, but must be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent or sponsoring adult. Youth age 5-13 may climb only during designated family hours and must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult. Very small youth must also be able to fit into a harness.
  • Roped climbing is only allowed during open and staffed facility hours.  Climbers must be roped and on belay at all times when climbing, except when bouldering.
  • Climbing is not allowed above the top rope anchors and limited to climbing surfaces only.
  • A figure-8 follow-through knot with appropriate tail length is the only climbing knot allowed and it must be tied directly into the harness at the appropriate attachment point. 
  • Belayers must stand while belaying and must use only the endorsed belay method. (PBUS)
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the climbing floor or bouldering pad surface. 
  • Advanced instruction is only to be performed by KSU Climbing Staff. 
  • Respect your fellow climbers. Take turns on top ropes and respect the use of wall space per each rope.
  • Open wounds and/or blood must be covered.


  • All climbing equipment must be used per the manufacturer’s instructions.  All climbing gear must be approved by the UIAA or CE for climbing
  • KSU Climbing Facility ropes are the only ropes allowed for use.  Ropes for lead climbing are available upon request for climbers who are approved to both climb and lead belay
  • Belay devices must be attached to the harness by means of a locking carabiner.
  • Personal climbing equipment may be used upon approval by the KSU Climbing Staff.
  • Chalk may only be used in a chalk ball in a chalk bag. (i.e. no loose chalk)

Climbing Attire

  • Climbers must wear closed-toed athletic shoes while on the climbing wall or boulder.  Footwear with a bottom sole must always be worn on the climbing floor.  (i.e. no bare feet)
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Socks must be worn at all times with rental shoes.
  • No large or dangly jewelry will be permitted while climbing. It is highly recommended to climb without rings on your fingers.


  • No topping out (no climbing on top of the Boulder).
  • When bouldering on the wall, hands must not go higher than the bottom row of quickdraws.
  • Using a spotter while bouldering is highly recommended.

Staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate privileges for inappropriate or unsafe behavior or failure to abide by facility policies.