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Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
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Climbing Wall

Climbing wallThe climbing wall features a 40-ft rock wall with 11 top ropes and a 12-ft freestanding boulder. Top rope climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing are all available to anyone who passes the skills checks or passes our certification class. Most necessary equipment is provided for free checkout on a first come, first-serve basis, including harnesses, belay devices, carabiners, and climbing shoes.

Rock climbing is a dynamic sport for people of all ages and experience levels. With our variety of ever changing climbing routes ranging from beginner to advanced, anyone can enjoy climbing. Climbing is a great workout that benefits strength, flexibility, and stamina. Besides being a great workout, climbing is also a social sport, meant to be done with a partner or group.

How to get started
Climbers must complete a waiver and receive a brief orientation prior to climbing on the wall or boulder. Those age 17 and under will need a parent/guardian signature. Before climbing on the wall with ropes, climbers must also attend and pass an Orientation and Belay Class or for experienced climbers, pass a Belay Skills Check. Our helpful climbing staff is happy to administer belay skills checks during open and staffed wall hours.  If you are new and want to try climbing the wall, our staff can belay you prior to you taking a class, provided that the wall isn’t too busy at the time.


Climbers may boulder during non-open wall hours, provided they follow facility use policies. 

For more information, contact Travis Redeker at tredeker@ksu.edu.

Wall Hours 

Youth Waiver PDF