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Recreational Services


We strive to educate participants on sound climbing practices and techniques that follow recommended industry standards. The classes are designed to help climbers learn the sport from the foundation up and develop good habits, which will benefit them as they progress to hopefully becoming lifelong enthusiasts of the sport of rock climbing.

Belay Class

This introductory class will introduce the basics of top-rope belaying. Completion of this class is required to be able to belay. Topics covered include:

  • How to put on and use a harness
  • How to tie a Figure 8 Follow Through knot
  • How to set up a belay system
  • How to properly belay with the “PBUS” technique and lower a climber
  • How to set up a floor anchor system
  • How to perform safety double checks and use of appropriate belay commands

Register for a Belay Class at the climbing wall desk or by calling the Rec office at 785-532-6980. 

**Classes are T-W-TH at 7 pm and are limited to 6 individuals. 


 Lead Climbing Class

The lead climbing class is the “next step” in becoming a complete climber after becoming proficient with indoor top-roping skills. This class will teach the basics of how to lead climb indoors, including clipping fundamentals, lead belaying, lead falling, and lead catches. Due to the more technical nature, an advanced degree of difficulty, and increased risk, climbers must demonstrate strong climbing skills and belaying techniques in order to take this class.

Class length – 10 hours spread over Saturday & Sunday

  • Current K-State Climbing Wall Belay Certification
  • Demonstrated ability to climb 5.9 or better*

*Note – to do this find a climbing staff during open hours to watch you climb and he/she can make a note in our system



Current KSU Students - $30
Non-Students - $60


Upcoming classes
9am - 2pm
March 25-26th
or April 22-23rd
Registration Requirement

In order to register for this class you must start by coming in during open wall hours and requesting a current wall staff member watch you climb 5.9 or better so a note can be made in the database system under your name. After you have completed this you may contact the Rec Services office to register for the class. 


To register for any of these classes, stop by the Recreational Services office or call (785) 532-6980.