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Recreational Services
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Sports Medicine / Athletic Training Services

Sports Medicine

Clinic hours
Normal training room hours during fall and spring semesters are: Monday through Thursday 6-11 p.m. Any variations to this schedule will be posted on the training room door and bulletin board.

Sports medicine staff are also on-site for intramural team and meet sport events. If the athletic trainers are out of the training room, please ask the front desk for assistance in contacting them.

Sports medicine/first aid program
The intramural sports medicine program is made possible through the partnership between Lafene Health Center and K-State Recreational Services. The training room is located between the equipment checkout desk and the multipurpose room. Sports medicine staff are available to all users of Recreational Services programs.

Services provided
Services provided by the intramural sports medicine program include: first aid, overnight crutch rental, basic athletic taping, injury evaluation or prevention with referral for secondary medical evaluation if needed, and equipment and medical supply sales. General questions pertaining to athletic injuries, proper stretching, and strengthening techniques are welcome.

General questions pertaining to athletic injuries or proper stretching techniques are always welcome.

If an injury requires referral to secondary medical care, the injured party will be given the option to be sent to the emergency room at Mercy Health Center or provided information to make an appointment with a physician at Lafene Health Center.

This service is available at no cost to participants. Funding is through the student activity fee paid at registration.

Sports medicine staff
The director of sports medicine is on-site to oversee services provided. Student athletic trainers from the department of athletics provide basic first aid, taping, and injury assessments. Graduate assistant athletic trainers provide coverage for intramural events, taping, first aid, and injury evaluation/prevention.

All graduate assistants are certified or are in the process of becoming certified with the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), as well as licensed with the Kansas state board of healing arts.