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Recreational Services

Pool Events and Rentals at the Natatorium

Diving WellK-State and Manhattan area groups are able to rent the Natatorium. Pool rental will provide the group with certified lifeguards and access to the 6-lane recreational pool, diving well (2 diving boards) and classroom (which can be used for food) during a designated rental time. 

Reservation policies

  • Groups must make reservations at least 14 days in advance of their desired rental date to allow for planning and staffing of the event. Recreational Services will confirm each reservation and the reservation details. Complete a Request for Use of Natatorium form online.
  • To maximize space, a minimum of 10 people must be involved.
  • Pool rental reservations will not be taken for any one group on an ongoing basis. The Department of Recreational Services has the right of refusal.

General policies

  • Click here to review all of our pool policies and procedures prior to rental.
  • The minimum age to swim is 5 years old. Please note that all swimmers must be water competent to access the pools. Water competency will be decided by the lifeguards on duty.
  • Groups under the age of 18 with ten or fewer swimmers must have at least one adult present for the duration of the event. Groups with ten or more swimmers must have two adults present.
  • The Natatorium is to be left in the same or better condition than found. Charges will be assessed as necessary for clean-up, damages or loss of equipment. Any equipment loaned or rented will be returned on time as agreed. Damaged or lost equipment will be charged at replacement cost plus 10%.
  • To familiarize yourself with the building, view a Natatorium floor plan.

Cancellation policies

  • A 14-day notice of cancellation is required to receive a full refund of a deposit. Any notice of cancellation received less than 14 days from the scheduled rental date shall result in the forfeiture of the rental group's deposit.
  • A minimum of 2-4 weeks must be allowed after cancellation notification for deposit to be refunded.
  • No cancellations of under $25 will be made for fees charged by Recreational Services.
  • Deposit will be forfeited in situations where the administrative office is not notified of intent to cancel

Reservation pricing

  • Tier 1. K-State Office of Student Activities and Services registered group. This rate will be charged when the student group is reserving space to conduct a fundraising event to benefit their own organization or conducting an event with less than 80% K-State students or faculty/staff in attendance.
  • Tier 2. Official K-State department or department conference group. This includes K-State Athletics department sponsored sports camps.
  • Tier 3. An off-campus organization with Kansas tax-exempt or nonprofit status. A copy of the Kansas exemption certificate must be submitted to Recreational Services with the return of the Facility Request Form.
  • Tier 4. Off-campus organization.

Payment structure
(cost per hour per pool)

 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
**Event option - 20 or less swimmers    

6-lane recreational pool, diving well
(The lap pool is not available under this option)

Free$30 each$50 each$60 each
Pool rental option - 20 or more swimmers    
6-lane recreational pool, 8-lane recreational pool, diving well$25 each$45 each$65 each$75 each
8-lane lap pool$25$45$65$75

**“Events” are held during Recreational Service open hours. Groups do not have exclusive use of the pool. “Events” must have less than 20 people to be considered an “Event.” Groups larger than 20 people can use the “Pool Rental” option.

A 1-hour minimum rental is required.

Note: An additional staffing fee of $15/hr/lifeguard may be added for necessary lifeguards. The need for additional lifeguards will be determined by Recreational Services.