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Individual/Dual Sports

IM SportsThe Intramural program offers a wide variety of individual and dual sports, consisting of outdoor and indoor sports. Singles outdoor and indoor sports are offered in the fall semester. Doubles indoor and outdoor sports are offered in the spring semester.

Individual sports competition consists of one single elimination tournament per division in each sport. Tournament matches (not times) will be scheduled by Recreational Services and posted on the intramural bulletin boards in the Intramural Gallery. Go to the board, look up your opponent, and set a time and place to play. Play and turn in the results before the posted deadline date.

An intramural t-shirt award will be given to divisional winners in each sport.

The entry fee is $1 per person (plus tax).

How to play

Pertaining to: Badminton, Handball, Horseshoes, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Tennis, 1-on-1 Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Doubles Volleyball, Triples Volleyball, Squash, Around the World, Wallyball, and HORSE.

These sports are self-scheduling. It is your responsibility to set up play times. These guidelines provide the necessary information for participation in intramural individual sports. Specific game rules are available on-line here. Please check the specific sport information sheet for any special rules or intramural adaptations.

Scheduling Set Up
Tournament brackets listing your opponent's name and phone number will be posted on-line on IMLeagues. Go to your specific sport and division bracket to find your opponent in the appropriate round. Check the posted information concerning your phone number (extension included) to ensure the information is correct. If a correction needs to be made, please notify the Armando immediately by email at arespin@k-state.edu

Contacting Opponent
Both parties are responsible for contacting their opponent to schedule a play time and place. This match must be scheduled prior to the deadline posted for that round. Contact your opponent early in the week corresponding to the deadline. Repeated phone calls are sometimes necessary. Do not procrastinate. Make every attempt to play your match before the deadline. Forfeits are an undesirable alternative.

Round deadline dates are included on the tournament brackets. Matches for each round must be completed and score cards turned in prior to the deadline posted for that round. Score cards turned in after the posted deadline are not accepted unless an extension has been granted.

Scoring of Matches
See rulebooks and information sheets for details concerning keeping score for specific sports.

Additions will be allowed for 3-on-3 Basketball and Triples Volleyball only. Teams may have four members on their roster for these two sports. Teams signing up only three players, may add a fourth player in the Recreational Services office within one working day after the contest in which the individual played.

No substitute players are allowed after sign-up, except as approved by the Individual Sports Tournament Director. Substitutions will be allowed only prior to a team's first match. Any individual substituting for another player without approval or after his team's first match will receive a forfeit.

Extensions are discouraged; however, they will be considered under the following guidelines:

  • The request for an extension must be made by 5 pm on the day of the deadline of 5 pm on Friday for weekend deadlines. Any requests after the deadline will not be considered for review. Example: For a Wednesday midnight deadline, the extension request must be made in the Recreational Services office by Wednesday at 5 pm.
  • The extension request must be made via email to the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at arespin@k-state.edu. The request will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Director. Extension requests will not be taken over the phone.
  • Extensions will be for 24-hour periods. Example: For a Wednesday midnight deadline, the extension deadline will be for Thursday midnight.
  • If the request is approved, it is the responsibility of the requesting party to inform the opponent and set up the match before the new deadline.
  • Any false information given will result in a minimum penalty of the match being forfeited.

Submitting results
  • The match winner is responsible for reporting the results. Failure to turn in a scorecard by the deadline will result in a double forfeit.
  • Results are to be recorded on an Individual Sport Score Card. These are found at the drop box in the Intramural Gallery at the Recreation Complex. Completed cards are to be put in the drop box prior to the deadline date and time. Results will not be taken over the phone. Scorecards turned in after the posted deadline are not accepted unless an extension has been granted. Score cards must include player numbers.
  • If a forfeit is claimed, the reason must be explained on the back of the score card.
  • Once an established match time and location have been agreed upon, failure of an individual/team to be present after 5 minutes of the agreed upon time will result in a forfeit.

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