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Recreational Services

Professional Staff Positions 


Outdoor Recreation Associate

General Description of Position:

The Outdoor Recreation Associate will directly administer and mange the university challenge course, the climbing facility in the Rec Complex, and the Outdoor Rental program. This person will assist in the administration of all programs conducted by the department including budgeting, personnel, facilities management, formulation and administration of rules and policies, long-range planning and evaluation. This person will be held accountable for the continued growth and improvement of all programs including the development and implementation of risk management polices and procedures. This person will provide a collaborative, team-oriented approach to the overall management process of Recreational Services. The development and continuous improvement of customer service practices and staff training will be a standard expectation for this person. This person will have no outside duties or jobs that directly interfere with these responsibilities. This position will report to the Associate Director. 

For the complete job description and to apply visit the K-State Human Capital Website