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Recreational Services

Group Leader Information

How to find the course
You can find directions to our course here. Our facilitators will be waiting for you at the course and will meet you there.

Parking Information
You will meet your facilitator(s) on the grassy field, off the B18 parking lot. Parking is available in the B18 lot and if you are here on a Saturday or Sunday, permits are not required. View the parking map (PDF)

If you will be attending during the week before 5 pm, you will need to obtain a visitor parking permit from KSU parking services. Information on visitor parking is provided by Parking Services through their website. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about visitor parking.

What to Wear
Comfortable, athletic clothing tends to work best, though keep in mind our course is located in the woods, so participants may prefer to wear long pants or jeans to avoid insect bites. Dress for the weather. Closed toed and heeled shoes are mandatory. Chacos, keens, sandals or flip flops are NOT allowed. Five finger shoes are not allowed on the high course. Hats and sunglasses are advisable if the weather is hot and sunny. Mini t-shirts, tank tops, and short shorts are not recommended due to the way harnesses fit and the increased odds for splinters.

What to bring
Check the weather before you come. Your group may desire sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, as well as bug spray. A pullover, gloves, or rain jacket may also be advisable. Bringing refillable water bottles is strongly encouraged. Cameras are welcome. If a meal is planned into your day and you are bringing food, please bring an ice chest for the food. Make sure to bring the group's waivers (see below). Lastly, bring an open mind and a positive attitude!

What not to bring
Please leave all valuables, especially jewelry, at home or in your vehicles. Cell phones and wallets may be kept in our shed, but it is preferable if they are left behind.

All participants must fill out a waiver of liability form. Please note that for those 17 years and younger that a parent or guardian will need to sign. Please bring all completed forms at the beginning of your program time. Our staff will review these before beginning programming to check for signatures and pertinent medical information.

Form to download
Release of Liability Form (PDF)

We are willing to work in a variety of weather conditions, keeping your group's comfort level in mind. If weather conditions become unsafe, we will be forced to cancel the scheduled program or move it indoors. For example, we do not work through thunderstorms, tornado, hail or lightning. We will typically continue a program if there is light rain, but if it becomes too heavy it may make things unsafe, in which case we will delay or cancel the program. Taking the program indoors is an option we offer. Our staff can lead the group through team building activities indoors through the use of props, games, and initiatives.

Please note that Rec Services will make the call on whether to cancel a program due to weather. Our course is covered in mulch so rain or a thunderstorm prior to the program will not necessarily be grounds for cancellation. We will be in contact with out of town groups regarding possible weather to try and prevent unnecessary trips. If Rec Services does not cancel a program due to weather, groups are expected to attend and will be billed per our cancellation policy.