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Wildcat Challenge

 Wildcat challenge logo



  • FREE Registration (see challenges below for details on how to register)
  • Compete in each challenge, choose one challenge, or try all four!
  • Each challenge has three tiers at different levels. Choose the one that fits your fitness level.
  • Earn prizes for each tier you complete.
  • Points will be awarded for each tier you complete. Earn 10 points (with points from each challenge) and you will become a Wildcat Challenge Champion! 
  • Win weekly prizes



 Go the distance challenge logoGo the Distance Challenge
September 3-October 14

Objective: Accumulate miles by running, walking, cycling, swimming, or rowing. 

Tier 1: 50 miles
Tier 2: 100 miles
Tier 3: 150 miles



 123K challenge logo

1-2-3K Challenge
October 15-December 2

Objective: Climb routes based on your climbing level and the distance you choose.

Tier 1: 1K (25 climbs)
Tier 2: 2K (50 climbs)
Tier 3: 3K (75 climbs)

Register NOW for FREE at the Climbing Wall.


 Swim to Paradise challenge logoSwim to Paradise Challenge
January 28-March 10

Objective: Swim to a paradise location, West Palm Beach, the Bahamas, or Turks and Caicos.

Tier 1: West Palm Beach (75 laps)
Tier 2: The Bahamas (400 laps)
Tier 3: Turks and Caicos (1000 laps)


 Fit 100 challenge logo

Fit 100 Challenge
March 18-April 28

Objective: Accumulate points based on group fitness classes you attend. Group Fitness classes will have a varying amount of points you can earn per class. 

Tier 1: 50 points
Tier 2: 75 points
Tier 3: 100 points

Click here for a complete list of the points that are awarded for each class. 

 KState360 badgeEarn your Wildcat Challenge Badge through K-State 360! 

For complete details, visit K-State 360


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