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Wildcat Wellness Coalition


The Wildcat Wellness Coalition is a collaborative effort including K-State Recreational Services, Lafene Health Center, Counseling Services, C.A.R.E, Housing and Dining and the LGBT Resource Center. All members are student services agencies at Kansas State University. The Coalition’s focus is on student development via the 8 dimensions of wellness. The 8 dimensions used to promote a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle are: spiritual, physical, environmental, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational and financial wellness.

The mission of the Wellness Coalition is to provide a formal and consistent forum for focusing our wellness efforts in reaching the campus community.  Each of the departments provide services in the 8 dimensions of wellness.   The overall wellness of all students at Kansas State is a priority to this University. The Coalition provides extensive information on all departmental services available for K-State students, as well as sponsored Wellness events (i.e. 5K races, stress management workshops, wellness challenges, etc.).  The Wildcat Wellness Coalition strives to be a key component to the University’s 2025 masterplan. 

What is wellness?
Wellness can be defined with 8 dimensions. Combined, these dimensions embody the true balance of an individual's wellness.


  • Seeking opportunities for self-enlightenment and liberation
  • Progression toward a stronger sense of purpose, personal values and meaning of life
  • A state of harmony with self and the rest of the world/universe


  • Freedom from illness, disease and need for medications
  • Ability to function and regularly participate safely in a variety of activities
  • Maintaining a balanced diet and regular sleeping habits


  • Acknowledgement of and appreciating one's interdependence with and impact on the natural environment
  • Positively contributing to the protection and sustainability of our environment
  • Establishing a positive physical living and working environment (positive energy)


  • Seeking and integrating opportunities to grow professionally, be challenged and successful
  • Garnering satisfaction and enrichment from one’s chosen career and the professional relationships developed
  • Capability to contribute positively, productively and safely to the collective whole


  • Forming and contributing to positive relationships and mutual respect
  • Comfortably and effectively performing a variety of social/group roles
  • Seeking and fulfilling leadership roles that contribute positively to your community


  • A continuous openness to new concepts, ideas, perspectives and cultures
  • An unbridled curiosity to seek new and diverse experiences/challenges
  • Ability to successfully learn, apply new learning, change and adapt


  • Being aware and accepting of one’s feelings
  • Ability to and having outlets for expressing one’s emotions constructively
  • Being able to adjust to change and seek positive outcomes
  • Being happy and positive

Financial Wellness

  • Satisfaction with current and future financial situations
  • Knowledge of resources that will help fund education and living expenses
  • The ability to maintain a balanced budget
  • Preparedness for all expenses, including short-term, long-term, and emergencies

Department websites

Lafene Health Center: www.k-state.edu/lafene

Counseling Services: www.k-state.edu/counseling

Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE): www.k-state.edu/care

LGBT Resource Center: www.k-state.edu/lgbt

Housing and Dining: www.housing.k-state.edu