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Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
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Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Womens Ultimate

Purpose of club
The purpose of the K-State Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team is to provide an outlet for women to play competitive Ultimate and represent our university through spirit of the game and competition.

We will compete in the USA Ultimate Southern region and Ozarks section for the 2014-2015 season, hosting a home tournament and traveling to several more to compete against other women's Ultimate teams. 

All members of the student body that have an interest in Ultimate, regardless of the amount of previous experience with the sport, are welcome to come learn, play and get involved with the organization. We hope that the program will continue to grow with the help of enthusiastic and committed members.

Mei Lin Branit
(913) 626-9788

Ashli Cummings
(913) 515-9389

Club website

Club affiliations
USA Ultimate http://www.usaultimate.org/default.aspx

Practice schedule 
Monday's 6-8 pm at Old Stadium
Wednesday's 7:30-9:30 pm at Old Stadium
Sunday's TBA

Competition schedule 2016-17