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Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
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Parachute Club

To promote skydiving. The club offers Jump Courses for beginners to learn how to skydive and make their first jump. Check the club's website for more specific information and to sign up for Jump Courses, as well as get on the club's email listserv.

Kevin Dice, President
(618) 580-7603

Johnny Monroy, Vice President
(678) 666-5626

General Information: info@skydivekstate.com
Tandem Skydiving: tandem@skydivekstate.com
Press Inquiries: press@skydivekstate.com

United States Parachute Association

Club web site

Upcoming Events for 2016-17
First Jump Classes are held on the following dates:
August 26-27
September 2-3
September 16-17
September 30-October 1
October 28-29
November 11-12
December 2-3

Additional events for licensed skydivers include:
October 15: All Kansas Cessna Boogie
December 27-January 3: USPA Collegiate Nationals

Donate now!
Follow this link for information on how to donate funds to support this club team in their efforts to compete at the collegiate club level around Kansas and surrounding states.