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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
1831 Olympic Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506



Purpose of club
The purpose of the K-State Wildcat Club Baseball Team is to provide an additional outlet for students to play competitive baseball and represent our university through good sportsmanship and competition. All members of the student body that have an interest in baseball are welcome to get involved with the organization. We hope that the program will continue to grow with the help of enthusiastic and committed members.

Eric Rogowski - President

Club website

Club affiliations
National Club Baseball Association

Practice schedule
Tuesday & Thursdays 9-10 pm

Competition schedule 2016-17

Practice location
Cico Park - North East Field - located in Riley County Fair Grounds on the southwest corner of the Seth Child/Kimball overpass.

Donate now!
Follow this link for information on how to donate funds to support this club team in their efforts to compete at the collegiate club level around Kansas and surrounding states.