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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
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Rec Services Council

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RS mission statement
Recreational Services' mission is to develop, promote, and manage the administration of recreational and fitness facilities, services, and programs for the campus community at Kansas State University. Active and healthy lifestyles enhance opportunities for the continuance of personal and professional maintenance and growth. These lifestyles are positively affected by the quality and quantity of the services, programs, and facilities we provide. Recreational Services promotes student development and provides leadership opportunities in a diverse setting for its participants and employees.

RS Council purpose
The Recreational Services Council promotes and supervises the administration of the recreational and fitness programs and services available at Recreational Services in order to insure the quality and quantity of recreational opportunities.

Goals and objectives
This council will oversee the physical recreation and fitness services offered to K-State students, faculty and staff, and alumni by Recreational Services. The council will serve under the responsibility of the assistant vice president for Student Life.

Recreational Services should meet the following criteria:

  • To provide enjoyable experiences for participants.
  • To promote and encourage the development of habits of participation that will carry over into everyday living.
  • To promote wholesome, social relationships through group and individual activity.
  • To promote and encourage a respect for sportsmanship and the principles of fair play.
  • To promote and encourage the development of healthy lifestyles, including cardiovascular and muscular fitness, proper nutrition, emotional stability, spiritual growth, and substance control.
  • To provide opportunities for creative expression.
  • To promote and encourage leadership and fellowship qualities.
  • To provide an emotional situation that is conducive to learning.

Students should have freedom of choice, equality of opportunity, and responsibility for sharing in planning, supervising, and administering the recreational programs and services. In response to the needs and desires of the university community, the following program areas will be emphasized:

  • free time recreation
  • competitive intramurals
  • fitness programming
  • sport clubs
  • K-State Challenge Course

Bylaws of Recreational Services Council

Article I Name
The name of the organization shall be the Recreational Services Council.

Article II Purpose
The purpose of the Recreational Services Council shall be to serve as a general governing and policymaking body for the Recreational Services Department. The Council will be responsible to the assistant vice president of Institutional Advancement.

Article III Membership and selection
Section I. Voting membership -- The council shall consist of twelve (12) voting members as follows:

a. One student representative appointed by KSUARH.

b. One student representative appointed by Greek Affairs.

c. Student body president or their student representative.

d. One student representative appointed by student senate.

e. One student representative appointed by multicultural student council.

f. One faculty member appointed by faculty senate.

g. One classified staff member appointed by classified affairs committee.

h. One student carry-over member elected by previous council.

i. One off-campus student appointed by student senate.

j. One alumni representative appointed by the Alumni Association.

k. One student sport club representative appointed by sport clubs council.

l.  One graduate student appointed by the graduate student council

** If appointments cannot be made by September 1, the RS director will fill the vacancy by appointment from that group's membership, with approval of the group.

It is requested each member appoint an alternate from their constituency.

Section 2. Non-Voting Membership:

a. Assistant vice president of Institutional Advancement.

b. Members from the Recreational Services professional staff.

Section 3. Term of office:

a. The term of office will be one year for the student members, two years for faculty and classified staff representatives, and two consecutive years for the student carry-over member (one year regular appointment and one year as carry-over).

b. The council shall elect from the student membership a chairperson and vice chairperson to serve for the school year. The vice chairperson will also serve as the council secretary.

Article IV Meetings
Section 1. Meetings: The Recreational Services Council shall have regular meetings at a time established by the council.

Section 2. Agenda: The chairperson shall prepare an agenda in advance of each council meeting and distribute copies to each council member. No item shall come before the council for a final decision which was not on the agenda, except by a two-thirds vote of the council members present and voting.

Section 3. Quorum: At any council meeting, a quorum shall consist of six voting members present and four of whom must be students. Voting proxies will not be allowed. If a quorum is not present at any given meeting, it will be automatically adjourned to a subsequent date.

Article V Responsibilities and authority of the Recreational Services Council
Section 1. The Recreational Services Council is charged with overseeing the Recreational Services program for:

  • Students
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Alumni
  • Guests
  • Others as authorized by council

Section 2. Joint council and department responsibilities: The Recreational Services Council shall determine general building and ground use policies with the Director of Recreational Services. This includes making decisions in specific cases concerning the following indoor and outdoor facilities:

  • Outdoor recreation areas (tennis court area and playfields)
  • Natatorium
  • Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex
  • Memorial Stadium and Ahearn Fieldhouse for sport clubs use
  • K-State Challenge Course
  • Other areas as added

The Recreational Services Council shall approve, review, and evaluate, as needed, all program charges made to students, faculty/staff, alumni and guests.

The Recreational Services Council shall approve the departmental budget and other additional funding sources.

The Recreational Services Council shall undertake evaluations, as needed, of Recreational Services operations.

Article VI Amending Process
Existing Recreational Services program policies and constitutional mandates can be amended only by a two-thirds majority of those voting members present.