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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
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Payroll deduct plan

Payroll deduction is available to benefit-eligible K-State employees. Payroll deduct enrollment is available from August 1, 2016 to May 18, 2017.

Enrollment can only be done online through HRIS self-service as follows:

To order a Rec Services payroll deduct membership

  • Log in to HRIS and K-State Employee Self Service 
  • Select Employee Self Service
  • Select Payroll and Compensation
  • Select Order Rec Services Membership

Membership Option and Fees
There are 2 options for a payroll deduct membership and locker rental:

Option 1: 6-month membership receiving the 10% discount

Option 2: 1-year membership receiving the 20% discount

Deductions will be taken out after taxes. The bi-weekly amount and number of deductions will be based on the sign up date.

For exact number of deductions, view FY17 Payroll Deduct Schedule.

Authorization to Deduct
The K-State employee understands this is a voluntary decision and accepts the risks associated with this agreement. The employee understands their responsibility for the total cost of membership received and Recreational Services will calculate the appropriate amount per deduction. At any time the employee’s net pay is not sufficient to cover the deduction, the employee will be notified. If payment is not received, the membership will be cancelled. Deductions will be effective until the employee has submitted a request to cancel form to the Administrative Office.