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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
1831 Olympic Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506



Membership to our facilities is available to individuals with an affiliation to Kansas State University. This includes students, faculty, staff, retirees, alumni association members, and approved affiliate groups. 

Authorized users 

K-State students

Students paying campus privilege fees are granted a free membership. Students may purchase membership for their spouse only for the current semester by presenting their Wildcat ID at the Recreational Services office.

Layout membership for students
  • K-State students who completed fall semester but are not enrolled in spring semester may purchase a layout membership for spring semester.
  • K-State students who completed spring semester or summer session but are not enrolled in fall semester may purchase a layout membership for fall semester.
  • K-State students who completed spring semester but are not enrolled in a summer session may purchase a summer package membership at the student rate.
  • New students and transfer students who are pre-enrolled for the fall semester may purchase a summer package membership.

  • Students must be in "good standing" with the university in order to be eligible to purchase a layout membership. 

Proof of enrollment and K-State Wildcat ID are required. Layout memberships will be sold at the alumni-graduate rate.

Summer membership for students
  • K-State students who completed spring semester but are not enrolled in a summer session may purchase a summer package membership at the student rate.

  • Incoming students who have completed enrollment for the fall semester may purchase a summer membership.

K-State Salina students

K-State Salina students who are paying privilege fees to the Salina campus will have access to our Rec Facility using their K-State Salina ID card. They do not have access to the south student parking lot. 

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff may use Recreational Services facilities by purchasing membership. Presentation of your Wildcat ID is required to purchase membership. Spouses and domestic partners of faculty and staff may purchase membership by presenting their spouse’s or partner’s Wildcat ID at the Recreational Services office. Temporary staff are limited to purchasing a 6-month or less membership.


Emeritus persons and retired faculty, unclassified professionals and university support staff who were benefit eligible and completed a minimum of 5 years of honorable full-time employment at K-State are eligible for a complimentary membership upon verification from Human Capital Services. The complimentary membership also includes their spouse. 

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  • The combo membership is for a one-year period of time, renewable every year as long as the retiree qualifies.

  • The complimentary membership will be voided when the retiree goes back into pay status with the University.

  • Membership for dependent children can be purchased at the faculty/staff additional user rate.

  • The complimentary membership will continue to be available to spouses of deceased retirees. This privilege will be discontinued in the event of remarriage.

  • Retired adjunct faculty not granted emeritus status are not eligible for the complimentary membership but can purchase a membership at the faculty/staff rate.  

  • Retirees that were part-time, benefit-eligible and completed a minimum of 10 years of employment are eligible to purchase a membership at the faculty/staff rate. 

Alumni Association members

K-State Alumni Association members at least 18 years of age may purchase membership upon presentation of their alumni association card. Memberships cannot be purchased beyond the expiration date shown on the alumni association card. 

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To purchase K-State Alumni Association membership, contact the K-State Alumni Association Office at 1720 Alumni Center, Manhattan, KS 66506 or call (785) 532-6260. Go online to www.k-state.com for details and prices concerning alumni association membership.


Other approved affiliations

The following groups are eligible to purchase memberships by showing proper identification:

  • staff and students at American Institute of Baking
  • staff and students at Manhattan Christian College
  • staff and full-time students at Manhattan Area Technical College (MATC)
  • administrative staff at Colbert Hills Golf Course and First Tee employees
  • Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA)
  • Kansas Wheat Commission
  • The Individual Development Educational Assessment (IDEA) Education
  • Employees of Sodexo at K-State Athletics
  • Employees of the K-State Federal Credit Union
  • Employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture-FSA
  • Employees of U.S. Department of Agriculture-ARS

Dependents and extended family guidelines

A dependent is someone who receives their support from the ID holder and is claimed as a dependent on the ID holder’s tax return. An adult member may sponsor a total of three individuals, whether dependents or guests. Note: A parent bringing dependents to use facilities must present a membership key tag which identifies themself, not their spouse.

Dependents (13 and under)

Only dependents under the 14 years of age will be admitted to the facilities at no charge and must be accompanied and directly supervised by their parent. 

Dependents (14-22 years of age)

Who wish to use facilities without parental supervision, the parent with an active membership must purchase the membership for those dependents. Dependent members under the age of 18 may not be host to any guests, including siblings.

Extended Family

Access to Rec Services facilities can be purchased by a current K-State student or valid facility member for extended family who are visiting from out-of-town.  Extended family refers to a family group that consists of parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  The family member must be visiting and cannot have their permanent residence in the Manhattan or surrounding area. 

Option 1: The student or facility member can sponsor their visiting family member by purchasing a daily guest pass. 

Option 2: The student or facility member can purchase a non-renewable one-month membership for their visiting family member. The visiting family member must be present at the time of membership purchase in order to have their picture taken for the membership data base.

To be eligible for an extended family membership, the family member must be at least 14 years of age; however, the maximum age limit of 22 will not be in effect.

The facility member must have the same type of membership as that being purchase for the extended family member. For example: The facility member must have a Rec membership in order to purchase a Rec membership for extended family.

Conference attendees and official campus visitors

The sponsoring department must make arrangements with the Rec Services office for conference participants and visitors to use facilities. Conference coordinators can better serve their participants by submitting a "Conference Attendees & Official Campus Visitors Request Form" early in order to prevent delays. For more info, phone 785-532-6980.

More information

Departmental cost for attendees and visitors

Option 1 (1-6 days)
Recreation Complex $5 per day
Natatorium $3 per day

Option 2 (7-31 days = monthly rate)
Recreation Complex $26.00 per month
Natatorium $15.25 per month
Combo $37.50 per month
*All fees are subject to sales tax.

Charge is “per participant/visitor” with no minimum number in group required.


Applications must be received two weeks prior to the scheduled event or visit. You will receive an e-mail verifying receipt of your request and confirmation of dates requested. 

Click here to complete an application.

Questions? Contact us at 785-532-6980