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Recreational Services
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Team Registration

How to register as a Team Captain

View the Intramural Schedule of Activities for a complete list of intramural sports and entry deadlines.

Each intramural manager, captain or team representative is responsible for entering his or her team and individuals using the following procedure:

  • Find out when the entry deadline is. Check out the Activities and Events page, Recreational Services calendars, or IMLeagues for entry deadline dates, specific sports information, and details on how to enter.
  • Sports information sheets will be available online and will be available in the Rec Services office. This information is also posted on the bulletin boards in the Intramural Gallery at the Recreation Complex and will be available by clicking on the highlighted sport on the events and activities page. Entries will be accepted online through IMLeagues during the week of entry. 
  • Once online entries are received online, the team captain/manager will need to contact the Recreational Services office to pay the entry fee and receive their coupon code. Once payment is received you will have the opportunity to choose your playing time in most major sports. Priority on playing times is on a first-come basis based on the completion of the registration process. 

Number of entries
In activities where points are awarded, organizations are limited to one team entry per team sport; four individual entries for each singles activity; and two doubles teams (four people) for each doubles activity.

Organizations may enter more teams or individuals than the allotted, but points will not be accrued by the base organization.

Example: One residence hall floor can enter four individuals in residence hall badminton singles. Any other person on that floor wishing to compete in badminton singles must compete in the independent division with no points designated for that floor from that person's competition.

Exceptions: Cross country teams are allowed to have five members on a team. Organizations will be allowed to enter two teams comprised of four people each for 3-on-3 basketball, triples volleyball and 4-on-4 sand volleyball.

Entry Fee

An entry fee is charged for each intramural activity. Fees will be:

Team sports: $25 per team
Individual sports: $1 per participant
Meet sports: $1 per participant up to a maximum of $25 per team

All intramural fees are subject to sales tax.

Note: No refunds will be given for any entry fee under $15.

Yearly Fee option for organizations

Groups may choose the option of paying a yearly team entry fee of $250 (plus tax) for the fraternity, residence hall, independent, or women's division and $150 (plus tax) for the co-rec division. This payment will cover one team for meet or team sports and four participants in individual sports.

Exceptions: The yearly fee includes five participants for cross country, and two teams of four people for 3-on-3 basketball, triples volleyball, and 4-on-4 sand volleyball.

Participants of this group must use the designated group name when entering an intramural activity.

The yearly fee covers the designated group in one competitive division only. Example: A residence hall team competing in the independent division is not covered by the team's yearly fee.

The yearly fee must be paid by the first intramural deadline, usually the end of the first week of fall semester classes.

In addition to paying intramural entry fees, teams must also pay green fees for golf, lane fees for bowling, footgolf and miniature golf fees.

Team Schedules

League schedules and playoff brackets are available through IMLeagues.


**Any team with a record of .500 or better and a sportsmanship rating of 2.5 or better will qualify for playoffs**

Other Information 

Field Map

In case of rain or poor field conditions
If weather is questionable, check the Rec Services Facebook or home page for information regarding games. If your day's game is postponed due to poor weather or field conditions, check your league play schedule. It will be updated with any new reschedule information. There are no guarantees that rescheduled games will be on the day or time you signed up for.


Registration, Roster Management, Rescheduling, notifications and much more all available ONLINE!