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Officials awards and recognition

The intramural officials' award system is incorporated to recognize certain officials in each sport and at the end of the year. Awards are given to officials in each sport who accumulate a certain number of points based on specific criteria. These officials are recognized with an intramural champion t-shirt with the sport official symbol placed below the champion logo.

Point totals will be kept by the intramural director. The top twenty percent point achievers in the sports of flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, and inner tube water polo will receive the award. At the end of the year, special recognition is made to those ten officials accumulating the highest combination of points and hours throughout the year. The official with the greatest point total will receive the golden whistle award. The official with the highest number of hours worked will receive the iron whistle award. The Rookie of the Year award will be given to the first-year official with the highest point total.

These awards are intended to recognize those officials, who through a consistent and dedicated effort, have improved their own officiating and the overall quality of officiating for the Intramural program.

Award criteria system

Attendance at meetings

  • preseason clinics = 1 point each
  • during season (contract session) = 1 point each
  • playoff officials' meeting = 1 point each

Test score

  • turning in exam = 1 point
  • scoring 95% or better = 2 points

Official skill rating = 1-10 points

Number of hours worked

  •   top 20% in position = 2 points
  •   high hour person = 2 points

Tardiness (minus sign indicates losing points)

  • 2 unannounced tardies = -1 point
  • 1 unannounced no show = -1 point

2015-2016 Award Winners

Top Ten Officials
Landon Becker
Garrett Blehm
Nathan Cearly
Teresa Christie
Kevin Cole
Gavin Darr
Dre Faison
Michael Meenen
Max Surmeier
Courtney Winkley

Official of the Year
Basketball - Courtney Winkley
Flag Football - Landon Becker
Soccer - Ryan Shelley
Softball - Garrett Blehm
Volleyball - Morgan Furstenberg

Golden Whistle Award
Garrett Blehm - 70 points

Iron Whistle Award
Emily Williams - 332 hours worked

Intramural Employee of the Year
Kimberly Bogner

Rookie of the Year
Andre Faison - 65 points