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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
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Information sheets are available by clicking on the active link for the sport below. To register, visit the IMLeagues website. 

Summer 2018 Activities and Events

EventDivisionEntriesStart Date
 Softball OPEN May 14-25 May 29
 4-on-4 Sand Volleyball OPEN May 14-25 May 30
 4-on-4 Flag Football OPEN May 14-25 May 31
 3-wall Racquetball  OPEN May 14-25 May 29
 Tennis OPEN May 14-25 May 29
 Triples Volleyball OPEN June 25-July 6 July 10
 5-on-5 Basketball OPEN June 25-July 6 July 11
 Table Tennis OPEN June 25-July 6 July 10
 Badminton OPEN  June 23-July 6 July 10
 Pickleball OPEN June 23-July 6 July 10

 Activities are listed in order of entry deadline date. Division abbreviations are as follows:

  • M = Men
  • W = Women
  • CR = Co-Rec

*No intramural team points for this activity.

Dates and activities are subject to change.


Intramural entries are accepted online through IMLeagues. 

Registration, Roster Management, Rescheduling, notifications and much more all available ONLINE!