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Recreational Services
Kansas State University
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Wildcat Challenge

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  • Win weekly prizes

  • Earn a t-shirt for each completed challenge




 Commit to be Fit
January 22-March 18

Objective: Participants self-report their exercise activities over the course of this challenge  Participants must complete 4 DIFFERENT activities at least 5 days/week. 

Registration: FREE, sign up at the North Service Desk

For complete details click here.


 2 Fit 2 Quit
March 27-May 7

Objective: Participants must attend at least 20 of our group fitness classes to complete this challenge. 

Registration: FREE

Complete details coming soon.


 Swim Tuttle
September 5-October 31

Objective: Participants swim 422 laps equal to the distance of swimming the length of Tuttle Creek Lake. 

Registration: FREE, register at the Natatorium 

CONGRATULATIONS to those who completed this challenge:
Brooke B, Gabi B, Alex B, Chase B, Kristi B, Matt B, Tressa C, Zachary D, Ben D, Anat E, Katherin Fi, Gehring G, Scott H, Danielle H, Quay H, Geneva K, Jake K, Paige L, Julie M, Bailey M, Scotland P, John R, Jeff R, Chuck T, Gene W

67 participants
Overall Laps swam: 17,780 = 538.79 miles


 Mile High Challenge
October 17-December 9

Objective: Participants climb our climbing wall 132 times to equal one mile.

Registration: FREE, register at the climbing wall


CONGRATULATIONS to those who complete this challenge:
Nicholas A, Jessica A, George B, Jessica B, Daniel B, Mary B, Harrison B, Gabrielle B, Logan B, Chase B, Elizabeth B, Haley B, Reagan B, Caitlin C, Jonathon C, Victor C, Tyler C, Brylie C, Grayson C, Danny C, Cody D, Tyson D, Zachary D, Christopher D, Jack D, Parker E, Sam F, Katherine F, Jacob F, Austin F, Jack G, Joseph G, Seth G, Garrison G, Rena H, Jolynn H, Joseph H, Russel H, Garrett H, Anna H, Avery K, Blake L, Paige L, Bennett L, Yoon-Jin L, Sam L, Ella M, Zachary M, Kyle M, Wyatt M, Brian M, Remi M, Zachary N, Jen N, Jake N, Carolyn O, Sean O, Kyle P, Zachary P, D.J. P, Clayton P, Letitia P, John R, Joseph S, Cameron S, Sheridan S, Cale S, Jeb S, Sydney S, Walker S, John S, Lisa T, Sage W, Stephen W, Philip W, Blake W, Sara W, Jenna W, Luke W, Michael W, Brandon Y

218 climbers
Overall 13,257 climbs = 530,280 feet


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