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Recreational Services

Recreational Services
Kansas State University
101 Peters Rec Complex
1831 Olympic Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506


Mission, Vision and Core Organizational Values of Rec Services


Recreational Services strives to educate and is committed to the development, promotion and management of quality recreation facilities, services and programs for the Kansas State community.


Recreational Services' vision is to be a recognized leader that promotes active and healthy lifestyles in a diverse setting, while providing student learning and leadership opportunities.

Core organizational values

Quality: We strive to exceed the expectations of our patrons and utilize our resources to provide

  • Programs and services of variety, content, and diversity
  • Modern, clean, durable and maintained equipment
  • Exceptional student and professional staff

Educate: We strive to provide information and knowledge in

  • All dimensions of wellness
  • Policies and procedures of utilizing our facilities and programs
  • Student and staff development, training, leadership and empowerment
  • Inspections, maintenance and repair of all equipment and facilities
  • Proper staff training in all aspects of facility and program management

Character: We believe and recognize the values of commitment, integrity and accountability are essential components of a successful team.

  • Respect of departmental policies and procedures
  • Respect of patrons and co-workers
  • Respect of facility and equipment use

Community: We are an integral part of the university that promotes

  • Student-focused programs and initiatives
  • Collaboration with campus departments and involvement in university initiatives
  • Accessibility, inclusiveness, and diversity in programming and staffing

Fun: We will provide a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for our patrons and student employees by providing

  • Positive customer service experiences
  • Friendly, welcoming and caring attitude
  • Recreational activities and events that encourage participation

Progress: We recognize the importance of progress by

  • Embracing innovation and improvement
  • Providing student input and development opportunities
  • Flexibility in management and leadership